PhD project

The dissertation project Chrononauts in Chromotopia: Queer Art movements through Space, Time and Matter, housed at the Department of Women’s, Gender and Sexuality Studies at Emory University, considers contemporary painting in the expanded field as a unique site for immersive encounters. Taking as case studies the artistic strategies of four contemporary painters – Lynda Benglis, Katrin Plavčak, Julie Mehretu and Katharina Grosse – the project attends to the queer relationalities that are activated by the color sensations and perceptual suspensions the works of these artists create.

Throughout my dissertation, I argue that the artists themselves become cyborgs, shape-shifters, time-travelers and space jumpers in their works, defying the laws of gravity and linear time. They invite viewers to take part in these temporal and spatial pleasures, enabling them to experience re-configurations of movement, time and space on a multi-sensorial level.

Full abstract: Chrononauts in Chromotopia



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